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looking for new ferns by ludeshka
looking for new ferns
The Secret History  fanart.

I'm the kind of person who wants everybody to enjoy what I've enjoyed.
I found this cool manga, this cool movie, this free game, read it, watch it, play it!

..and now I've read this really cool book and I think IT'S AMAZING, but the thing is it hit me so much harder because I had zero expectations. I honestly thought it was just gonna be a light read, a stabby fun little book. I wasn't looking forward to like it so much!

It's kinda hard to replicate my experience if I tell you it's THE MOST AMAZING BOOK, YOU SHOULD READ IT NOW NOW NOW.

You should still read The Secret History

( theforestishaunted , if you're reading this, look it up, omg, this book is for you. )
MORE backgrounds by ludeshka
MORE backgrounds
Must there be so many of them? Why, yes, there must.
There must be MORE.

Backgrounds for Hierofanìa 2, a visual novel in progress. :P
H2 backgrounds by ludeshka
H2 backgrounds
After a long parenthesis (first I had no computer, then I had PERSONA 3 PORTABLE, AND IT CONSUMED MY LIFE), I'm back to working on Hierofanía 2.
And what does H2 require? Backgrounds. Endless backgrounds. All of them.

How do you like these ones? :)
R.B. at the library by ludeshka
R.B. at the library
More work for H2!

Rotten Bastian at the library.
Depending on your choices, this might be Caramela's first (ingame) meeting with him.
A sketch of Hiroki (from Bokura no Kiseki) by ludeshka
A sketch of Hiroki (from Bokura no Kiseki)
I'm on holidays, so I'm not online often. :)
(I'll be back soon, though)

Bokura no Kiseki is a manga I'm super hooked on. I'm happy, because Glass Mask will end soon, and I'm not hooked on manga often anymore...

I´ve been DEVOURING the Hawkeye comics, but that doesn't count, does it? :D
I'm so happy right now.
Heh, it's my first collaboration on a gaming site, and also my first published article.

Read it? :D

There's a NaNoWinter visual novel game jam! Help me decide what I should do 

15 deviants said Focus on H2! (It might, MIGHT be finished by late 2015? Maybe? I dream a dream?)
11 deviants said Finish that short Kia side story! (The story is finished, but I need to do the art. However, this one has NO CHOICES)


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It's always nice to see you around :)
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Thank you so much for the faving and watch!!
Battle Whale Animated by rskrakau  Battle Whale emoticon by rskrakau  
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