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Unseen Alternative by ludeshka
Unseen Alternative

So, the whole point of this was “alternative outfit!” but when I started throwing filters at it, I made it transparent and thought OMG, YES, I’M SO MEANINGFUL.

So yeah. 

I think my point is basically "When Jay grows up he becomes a Persona character"

...Baofu? XD

(Basically Baofu from persona 2 , except he lives with his veterinarian boyfriend Moses, and his archeologist girlfriend Norma? Sounds good to me.)

Drawn for retto , from Tumblr.

AWAF- Bad ending by ludeshka
AWAF- Bad ending
I played April was a fool and had SO much fun.
I also felt horrible.

It's that kind of game.

Kent is my favourite character.

I wanted to draw him fighting the Embers siblings, but I had a moment when I sort of chickened out and thought "Well, it's not so bad if I draw him alone?" and this happened 

Kent by ludeshka

But my original idea was to have him fight the kids, and so I finished the drawing as you see it.
I'm trying to push myself a little harder!
7kpp:  Emmett and Penelope by ludeshka
7kpp: Emmett and Penelope
Fanart for Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem
The game is not even completed yet, but the demo is THAT good.
Try it out?

Game and characters belong to Azalyne Studios, I'm just fangirling over here.
the remake by ludeshka
the remake
A hastily done thingy to celebrate the remake.

I got emotional hearing the first notes of the intro.

It's fun how I've been reading opinions by other fans, and how lots of us feel both elated and TERRIFIED at the same time.
My birthday is on June 22nd!

Square Enix took care of my present by remaking FF7, so all I want of you, dear watchers is for you to wish me luck. ;D

Although I'm approaching a truly venerable age, this time I feel quite cheerful. I've been playing games, I've been reading books, I've been treated kindly by the people around me. 

A small state of happiness I feel really thankful for.

Good luck, everyone. Have a nice time.

There's a NaNoWinter visual novel game jam! Help me decide what I should do 

15 deviants said Focus on H2! (It might, MIGHT be finished by late 2015? Maybe? I dream a dream?)
11 deviants said Finish that short Kia side story! (The story is finished, but I need to do the art. However, this one has NO CHOICES)


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AnnaWieszczyk Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
All best!!!!
ludeshka Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Waaaahm thank you so much! :D :hug:
Y-s-a Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Feliz cumpleaños, Ludeshka ^^ Mira, te traigo yo a su vez una pequeña tarta pixelada para que te pongas morada:…

Espero que sigas haciendo dibujos preciosos y que algún día termines con Hierofanía 2. *superhug* 
ludeshka Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Me encantó!
Me puso muy contenta. :D
Y-s-a Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015
¡Bieeen! Me alegro mucho Hug 
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