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H2: Stats by ludeshka
H2: Stats
Of course, I still have to draw cgs, and backgrounds, and compose music.
But the story is told!

I'm half proud of myself, and half overwhelmed by all the work that isn't finished yet.

But let's focus on the proud half today. :)
Higurashi ---the conqueror worm---- by ludeshka
Higurashi ---the conqueror worm----
Rena, from Higurashi.
Drawn for the 2016 secret santa at the lemmasoft forums.
Although I've never seen/played Higurashi, Rena interested me because of her hallucinations with maggots/worms.

While I browsed the wiki, I kept asking myself Just what kind of series is this?
I still don't know if I would like it, but it does sound intriguing. :D
he died, he dyed by ludeshka
he died, he dyed
Hatoful boyfriend, people, hatoful boyfriend.

I reached the "fulfill the promise route" and my reaction is equal parts WTF and AWESOME.

Also, I love Nanaki.
My birthday is on June 22nd!

Square Enix took care of my present by remaking FF7, so all I want of you, dear watchers is for you to wish me luck. ;D

Although I'm approaching a truly venerable age, this time I feel quite cheerful. I've been playing games, I've been reading books, I've been treated kindly by the people around me. 

A small state of happiness I feel really thankful for.

Good luck, everyone. Have a nice time.

There's a NaNoWinter visual novel game jam! Help me decide what I should do 

17 deviants said Focus on H2! (It might, MIGHT be finished by late 2015? Maybe? I dream a dream?)
11 deviants said Finish that short Kia side story! (The story is finished, but I need to do the art. However, this one has NO CHOICES)


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artsykidatheart Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
I played Hierofania last night and was super impressed! Although I have a few questions about it if that's okay with you.

* What does hierofania mean? I'm thinking it's not an English word, as most of what I got when I Googled it gave me results for the word 'hierophany' instead. Is it that in Spanish, perhaps?
* Is Crocket supposed to be exceptionally dumb? That's how everyone in the game seemed to react to her, but I thought some of what she did was actually fairly clever (i.e. how she got Douglas out of the cage, trying to use the little metal thing from the Stranger's cape as a lock pick, and punching through the painting), if not a little negligent of the consequences. She does seem pretty naive, but that doesn't necessarily equate to 'stupid'.
* Does Douglas actually like Crocket, or no? 
ludeshka Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
I am super okay with your questions. Have some answers!

1- Hierofanía is spanish for hierophany, yes.
(I'm from Argentina, a spanish speaker, and think "hierofanía" sounds nicer than the english equivalent.)
Both mean "manifestation from the holy", which is, well, basically what Crocket's been looking forward all of her life.

2-She's by no means the smartest pencil on the box. She's not very educated and she's not naturally clever or witty.
But! She's got more intuition than other people give her credit for, and she sometimes can come up with things on her own.
Are you familiar with Dungeons&Dragons? Crocket has Low Intelligence (things you learn), but High Wisdom (things you "feel")

3-Depending on what you mean by "like". (He doesn't like her as in "crush on her", they've only met recently. But he actually does like her as a person.)
artsykidatheart Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
Okay, thank you! I agree Hierofania sounds way better in Spanish than the English version of the word. Most things sound better in another language, actually. (Grapefruit in French is 'un pamplemousse'. I don't even take French anymore but I'm never going to get over that XD)

Speaking of Douglas: Deedra mentioned he likes to pick up 'strays'. Is that what he was attempting to do with Crocket near the end by encouraging her to transfer to EllsMaris (I'm probably getting the name of the place wrong, my apologies)? I mean, Deedra made it sound somewhat malicious, but his attempt didn't come across to me that way. Then again, Deedra is Deedra, so maybe I should take what she says about Douglas with a grain of salt?

Also, does Douglas actually have no friends? (If that's true, I'll be his friend! >.<)
ludeshka Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
He has no friends, but it's his own fault.
He considered himself too good for the people back in his hometown, and he feels way too lesser around people in Mercury Heights / the EllsMiralls HQ.
If he loosened up, he'd have friends, but he doesn't know how to loosen up XD
As for the "strays" comment, Deedra meant it playfully, but Douglas can't help but relate to ambitious kids in backwater towns, since he was one once. XDD
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Y-s-a Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015
¡Gracias por el fav! *Abrazote rompehuesos*
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