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Bokura no Jacket by ludeshka
Bokura no Jacket
A sketchy thing I did for fun and tumblr. 
The Bokura no Kiseki fandom is ridiculously small. :P
induljaynce by ludeshka
Not sorry about the pun.
Not sorry about drawing without reference.
Having a good time with my crayons. :)
Did I mention I am really into Bokura no Kiseki?…
And that Hiroki is my favourite character?
Just checking.
Bokura no Kiseki- Hiroki sketches by ludeshka
Bokura no Kiseki- Hiroki sketches
A lot of sketches of Hiroki Yuu, thrown together like I know what I'm doing or something.
I used pale yellow because the author favors it a lot. Somehow, when she uses it, it makes things look dreamy?

I'm very very much into Bokura no Kiseki, I've read up to volume 7, but I also don't want to finish it! What will I do when I'm out of chapters to read?? T_T
This journal will be updated as I progress through the challenges of NaNoReNo!


Rainbow Peters by ludeshka

My pc broke, then was fixed, now I've got Peter's character design, at last.
I don't know if you're interested in hearing how I'm always trying to rediscover the wheel, but here goes:
I figured out that characters in dating/romantic games are idealized so you'd want to date them!

I got this epiphany when gushing about my favourite characters from TokiMeMo. Yes.   Hikami and Tendo, if you've got to know. .

Yes, I know.

I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, amirite?
I wouldn't be surprised if the finished game fails spectacularly, because, it's a dating sim where you date a selfish girl or an overemotional dude, and it's not like the main character is such a prize, either. XD
I'm absolutely not rewriting it because flawed as they are, these are the kids the story is about, but yeah, I'm demoting it from "Otome" to "Romantic Comedy", as I'm safe in the knowledge that many romantic comedies are actually about dating the wrong people.

I am surprisingly okay with Rhyme or Reason, it's just that it really does suck at "otomeing" :P

May 12: Forever Backgrounds

Moooooore backgrounds. by ludeshka

While my bishonen problem is not yet solved, at least I have more backgrounds. 
It is a sad day when a woman needs bishonen, but draws backgrounds instead, isn't it?
Can't you feel my pathos? No? :P

F**KING MAY 9: Romance Roadblock

11k words, and counting!
Closer and closer to the end. Still not even ONE Peter sprite. It's funny how drawing an attractive character means instant artist block for me! I thought I was beyond that, but then again nobody was supposed to be hot on hierofanía 2. I mean, I adoooore Senteltje, but "hot" isn't really his description.
But since this one is a romance, and Peter is supposed to be attractive, I can't draw him!

Being completely unexperienced on writing this genre, I have no idea if I'm writing something interesting or not.
I'm the kind of person that enjoys movies where at least one person dies, or becomes the best ballet dancer, or something!
But there is nothing epic about this story at all, so although I've grown fond of the characters and all, I wonder if this is really entertaining.

"What am even I doing? / Nobody will like this!" is a basic state of mind for me, so don't worry though. :D

April 11: Walk those city streets

Streets by ludeshka

The one to the left was mutilated into something easier to finish after days of boredom.
The one on the right I breezed through in two sittings.
Big squares of color seem to be the trick. Could I do it without reference though? Not yet, I'm afraid.

April 3: Rainbow Nancies.

Rainbow Nancies by ludeshka
The big city bg lays untouched. We're not on speaking terms. I refuse to settle for a simpler bg, because it's not like it's complicated at all, it's a very simple city street, it's just I have no tolerance for bgs. 
So, for a break, I finished Nancy's sprites.

Day 31: deadline fail

is that even an ukelele by ludeshka
The deadline will NOT be met (BOO!), but, there's been quite a bit of progress.
I have the lineart for all of Nancy's sprites. Also Brian's.
There's a bg of a city street that will not look that complicated to you, but I promise it drove me nuts.

Day 27!

More and more Bgs!
more backgrounds, more problems by ludeshka
Will Bgs ever cease? Hint: No, they won't. :P

Day 25! 

The story so far...

Rhyme or Reason by ludeshka


The game contains 702 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 6,554 words,
for an average of 9.3 words per screen.
The game contains 8 menus.

3 out of 6 endings are written (two short "bad" endings, one good friendship ending)

About Half of the backgrounds are done, too, but the sprite situation is still horrible.
Will I make it in time for NaNoReNo? I don't know!!
But no way I'm quitting when I'm so close to the finish line. GOGOGOGO!

Day 17!

Today I give you a song.…

I wasn't planning on doing the music myself for this one, actually, but, as I sat and tested the game, I realized the VERY cool music I had found suited my tastes, but not my story. I'll have to search with that in mind.
Story hit 4250 words. We are alllllllllllllllmost getting to the romance.

Day 13!

Nanoreno 2014 :  peter and nancy by ludeshka

I have some of the music, some of the sound effects, fonts, and the story hit 3k words!
Artwise, it's a disaster. Been trying to draw a cool main menu and failing. I'm showing you some of it.

Day 5!

Nanoreno (first sprite for Karen) by ludeshka

I have a sprite, half a GUI (very very simple, you guys know I suck at programming) and 784 words so far.

Also: I'm writing a romantic comedy. I can't believe it. I have no idea if it will work at all. I'm not as much panicking as I'm tilting my head at it, and wondering how do writers write.

Can I really finish a visual novel in one month? I have no idea!

But let's give this a try! :D

RHYME OR ROMANCE? This time I'm totally justified in asking! So tell me who would make the cutest couple? 

15 deviants said Rhyme/Peter? (He had a really tragic bd ending, I wrote it out :P)
3 deviants said Rhyme/Karen? (Could you tell I wrote out her path?)
3 deviants said Nancy/Peter (I ship them! What? I'm the author, I do what I want :P)
2 deviants said Rhyme/Nancy? (they're the official couple)


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