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This journal will be updated as I progress through the challenges of NaNoReNo!

April 11: Walk those city streets

Streets by ludeshka

The one to the left was mutilated into something easier to finish after days of boredom.
The one on the right I breezed through in two sittings.
Big squares of color seem to be the trick. Could I do it without reference though? Not yet, I'm afraid.

April 3: Rainbow Nancies.

Rainbow Nancies by ludeshka
The big city bg lays untouched. We're not on speaking terms. I refuse to settle for a simpler bg, because it's not like it's complicated at all, it's a very simple city street, it's just I have no tolerance for bgs. 
So, for a break, I finished Nancy's sprites.

Day 31: deadline fail

is that even an ukelele by ludeshka
The deadline will NOT be met (BOO!), but, there's been quite a bit of progress.
I have the lineart for all of Nancy's sprites. Also Brian's.
There's a bg of a city street that will not look that complicated to you, but I promise it drove me nuts.

Day 27!

More and more Bgs!
more backgrounds, more problems by ludeshka
Will Bgs ever cease? Hint: No, they won't. :P

Day 25! 

The story so far...

Rhyme or Reason by ludeshka


The game contains 702 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 6,554 words,
for an average of 9.3 words per screen.
The game contains 8 menus.

3 out of 6 endings are written (two short "bad" endings, one good friendship ending)

About Half of the backgrounds are done, too, but the sprite situation is still horrible.
Will I make it in time for NaNoReNo? I don't know!!
But no way I'm quitting when I'm so close to the finish line. GOGOGOGO!

Day 17!

Today I give you a song.…

I wasn't planning on doing the music myself for this one, actually, but, as I sat and tested the game, I realized the VERY cool music I had found suited my tastes, but not my story. I'll have to search with that in mind.
Story hit 4250 words. We are alllllllllllllllmost getting to the romance.

Day 13!

Nanoreno 2014 :  peter and nancy by ludeshka

I have some of the music, some of the sound effects, fonts, and the story hit 3k words!
Artwise, it's a disaster. Been trying to draw a cool main menu and failing. I'm showing you some of it.

Day 5!

Nanoreno (first sprite for Karen) by ludeshka

I have a sprite, half a GUI (very very simple, you guys know I suck at programming) and 784 words so far.

Also: I'm writing a romantic comedy. I can't believe it. I have no idea if it will work at all. I'm not as much panicking as I'm tilting my head at it, and wondering how do writers write.

Can I really finish a visual novel in one month? I have no idea!

But let's give this a try! :D

NANORENO! I want to try making a short game for the NanoReno Competiton. What would you rather see? 

18 deviants said A very short otome about musicians (This one would have several endings)
10 deviants said A short story starring Kia from Hierofanía (A Kinetic Novel, no choices)


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Deviant-Rena Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was just wondering, since you're making the music otome for NaNoRen, will you ever make the short featuring Kia? If not, you wanna tell me what would have been in it? ;) 
We didn't really get to see much of Kia in Hierofania 1, so I'm curious about the aspects of her we didn't get to see in the first game
The thing is this: The Kia story is mostly written!
I was going to make a short comic out of it.
It's about a haunting on a forest near Utrecht's Dusk.
Crocket shows up a bit, but the story is always told from Kia's perspective.
I think her reasons for not believing in Utrecht are very valid. The story explores a bit of that.
HazeReality Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know if you already know, but...LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE NOOOOW!

I knew, I knew! :D
You can actually suggest your own games to the indiestatik folk, so I suggested Hierofanía! (I'm 200% shameless like that)
Hehehehehe, thanks for telling me. :hug:

HazeReality Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, but the fact that they took your suggestion is just...! And you're on the website's front page, too!

For MUCPU2, which was for a contest, indiestatik wrote an article about the contest and said they'd write about your game if you asked them to. I sent them an email, and...nothing happened. So, it's pretty awesome that they listened to your suggestion of Hierofania.
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